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Text Based Version Information - The QuickMenu Pro Text Based version is the simplest way to automatically generate an entire menu system for navigating any site.  The entire main menu bar as well as each sub menu is fully customizable from one separate data file.  The main menu bar may be arranged vertically or horizontally and includes a diverse range of customizable options including icon image association with rollover effects.  Sub menus act the same as the image based version and include all the same features and customizable options.

Were most menu systems are positioned in the page by providing x,y coordinates relative to the top left corner of the document area, QuickMenu Pro is positioned with the flow of the document, just as you would position an image by placing it inside an HTML element such as a table.  This simplified method of attaching the menu to a web page eliminates the typical issues with center and right aligned content, browser margin differences, and coordinate guessing games.

The text based version of QuickMenu Pro is fast and simple to customize and is capable of adapting to the design requirements of most web sites.  For sites requiring image based main menus, complex main menu rollover effects, or menus in multiple locations on the page use the image based version of QuickMenu Pro (included in this download).

Getting Started - QuickMenu Pro includes documentation covering all customizable parameters, and a documented sample implementation for fast customization. OpenCube recommends customizing your menu around the documented sample. This sample provides a quick reference to many of the customizable options the menu has to offer, and in most cases speeds up the design process.

Documented Sample Implementation

To access and modify the documented sample implementations settings, open the JavaScript file labeled sample_settings.js (located in the 'text_based' folder) in a simple text editor (Notepad or similar is recommended). To customize your menu simply modify and add values to suit your needs, view your changes by opening sample.htm (located in the 'text_based' folder) in a browser. For more information on the parameters and getting started refer to the documentation. The source of the sample file (sample.htm) also includes information on how to place the effect within your web page.

QuickMenu Samples - Additional QuickMenu sample implementations may be viewed by accessing the links in the table below. The source data file for each sample is located in the 'text_based/samples' folder and may be used as templates for designing your menu. (OpenCube grants permission for the duplication and alteration of all sample menu images included in this download to all registered users of the software.)  These additional sample data files do not contain help information, for a documented template see the above section or open the 'sample_data.js' file located in the 'text based' folder with a text editor.

QuickMenu Samples Comments
text based/samples/sample1.htm Undocumented version of the sample implementation referenced in the first section of this document. Use this file as a template if familiar with the parameter options, in-order to reduce the data file footprint.
text based/samples/sample2.htm Vertical oriented implementation with first main menu item used as a header for the menu.   Each main menu item's look may be specifically customized as was done with the first item in this example.
text based/samples/sample3.htm Horizontally oriented menu bar with transparent borders and backgrounds.

Documentation and Information - Additional QuickMenu information, documentation and an FAQ addressing commonly asked design time questions is available below.

General Information and Features
QuickMenu Pro Documentation
FAQ - (Design time questions and answers)

Customer Satisfaction - OpenCube is committed to creating reliable simple to use software which exceeds the expectations of its end users.  If for any reason QuickMenu Pro does not out-perform similar products on the market, or fails to function as expected, we would like to remedy the issue for you.
Support - One of QuickMenu's greatest assets is overcoming common error prone issues with DHTML - JavaScript based technology, however, design time errors may still occur.  For a quick solution please contact OpenCube's technical support with any related complications.  Technical support is available by e-mail or phone to both evaluation and purchased users of QuickMenu Pro by using the contacts below...

bullet_blocktriangle_gray.gif (834 bytes)E-Mail: qmSupport@opencube.com
bullet_blocktriangle_gray.gif (834 bytes)Phone: 207.262.1132

Customer Service -  User feedback plays a major role in the development of each products customizable options and functionality. Please contact Customer Service with any comments regarding QuickMenu Pro. Customer Service is also available to answer all license, pricing, ordering, and other general questions regarding OpenCube's software.

bullet_blocktriangle_gray.gif (834 bytes)E-Mail: cs@opencube.com
bullet_blocktriangle_gray.gif (834 bytes)Phone (US): 1.800.750.0674
bullet_blocktriangle_gray.gif (834 bytes)Phone (Other): 207.947.1955

License Terms - Note: This evaluation version of QuickMenu Pro may be fully customized and placed on the internet for review purposes only.  The purchased version includes the necessary unlock codes and licenses to run the effect over the internet and will disable the unregistered pop-up message. While using the evaluation version simply click 'OK' when the unregistered pop-up message appears and the menu will then be fully functional.

End User Agreement

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