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Text Based and Image Based Version Information - Two variations of QuickMenu Pro are included with the purchased software and within this evaluation download.  Each version includes the same sub menu customization options, functionality, and cross browser compatibility. The versions only differ by how the main menu bar is created.  The text version generates all the main menu bar items for you based on parameter settings, while the image version utilizes pre-defined HTML images within a page as the main menu items.

Each version is simple and straightforward to customize. If you do not wish to create images for the main menu items or your design requirements call for primarily text based main menu buttons, the text version is recommended.  If your buttons are pre-made with images, or your design requires complex rollover effects, or if you need multiple menu systems on a single page, the image based version is recommended.

QuickMenu Pro (Text Based Version)

QuickMenu Pro (Image Based Version)

Additional Information, documentation, sample implementations and more is provided for each version of QuickMenu Pro. Use the links above, or explore the 'text_based' and 'image_based' folders to start implementing your menu.  Technical support contact information and documentation links are also included within each of these folders by viewing index.htm in a browser.
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